The Storepro Story: Vision and Values

Posted on December 11, 2020

2020 has been a year full of change and reflection. What can we do better, how can we improve, have we made sure we are adaptive to change? We’re sure businesses all over the world are asking themselves these questions. The Storepro team wanted to get into the thick of it and look at how we can put ourselves in the best possible position to confidently answer these questions.

We started with our people. If our people are confident in our business, then the rest will follow. In order for us to build a supportive culture, every individual was asked for their opinion on the changes we wanted to make. This meant taking on the initiative to look at Storepro’s vision and values. For a long time now our ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’ has been to store 2,500,000 pallets by 2024, but after speaking with our colleagues we came to the conclusion that this goal doesn’t resonate with our wider team. Is our accountant going to know if we’re 5 pallets closer to our goal today than we were yesterday? Does it motivate our design team to know how many pallets have been stored since they began working at Storepro? So, in a year of huge change worldwide, we decided now was the time to do so for Storepro.

Our amazing team care about their clients, the jobs we do for them, and, importantly, they know the buck stops with us. So after much internal discussion and an in-depth look at our values, the team decided on a new, company-wide goal; ‘To be our customers number 1 choice.’ If Storepro are the customers number 1 choice after all projects and collaborations, then clients know we ARE small enough to care yet big enough to deliver. To make our goal a reality, customers need to know we are a trusted advisor and that our abundance of knowledge and experience can genuinely raise the level of their business.

We asked our staff what the values meant to them and put together a collection of their post-its based upon their thoughts. Hopefully the significance our own people place on the Storepro values resonates with you to place your trust in us.