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Drive in pallet racking systems are suitable for a range of applications
drive in pallet racking system
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Our drive-in pallet racking system is ideal for situations where bulk storage and the highly efficient use of space in your facility are essential. It features rows of pallet storage lanes with an operating aisle providing forklift truck access. They can store pallets up to 10-deep, operate on a Last In First Out (LIFO) basis and are entirely compatible with standard forklifts.

All our drive-in racking systems are manufactured from high-quality and high tensile steel designed for durability and performance. Our team will also develop a customised design to find the ideal balance between storage capacity and operational efficiency and ensure your system is safely and securely installed.

Drive In Racking For Sale

The drive in racking systems that we provide are all manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure they deliver maximum performance and are durable. All our systems also comply with all international and NZ safety standards. To find out more and to speak to a member of our team about getting a quote for a drive in pallet racking system at your facility, please get in touch with us today.

Customised Design Service

Part of the service we provide is to develop a customised design for your drive in racking system. We'll make sure the solution we develop strikes the right balance between storage capacity and operational efficiency. For example, while it is possible to get a drive in pallet racking system that is 10 pallets deep, this depth can have a significant impact on pallet handling and can cause considerable headaches in relation to pallet turnover and minimising losses.

Installation Service

At Store Pro, we also offer expert installation of drive in pallet racking systems. Our teams are experienced, and they will ensure your solution is safely and securely installed. If you have old racking that needs to be removed before the installation of the new system, we can complete this work for you too.

Suitable Applications

Drive in pallet racking systems are suitable for a range of applications. They are designed for the bulk storage of pallets where there is a minimal requirement for structured pallet turnover. As a result, drive in pallet racking systems are ideal for non-perishable goods where bulk storage is required. They are particularly common for seasonal goods, where pallets containing similar items are stored in bulk until required in the next seasonal cycle.

Drive in Racking System

Drive in pallet racking systems are also popular in situations where bulk storage is required of a single product. A good example is the dairy industry, where a single product can fill one or more aisles in a drive in racking system, with a fast and complete turnover of products before the new batch comes into the facility. So, we'll make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.


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