Storepro quality

Storepro have been with with our main pallet racking manufacturing partner since 2008. We use only the highest quality steel grade and tensile product.

Our manufacturing partners have expanded from 1 to 3 factories and use the most advanced robotic systems, making them one of the world’s leading pallet racking factories & they continually invest in new technology.

As well as the factories, they have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and Storepro have complete exclusivity in New Zealand.

At Storepro we largely produce SL style racking as 70% of the New Zealand market is SL 76.2mm style, past and present, so it allows maximum compatibility with existing product. Storepro also produce a
50mm beam pitch system and a 75mm teardrop system to ensure complete coverage.

Storepro is also able to procure through a number of other leading manufacturers worldwide and currently sources from China, Italy, Australia, and Malaysia to suit our customers needs best.

Storepro safety

  • Although Storepro manufacture the core product offshore we design, engineer and test all our products in New Zealand to ensure the very highest levels of safety.
  • Our product meets and exceeds Australian AS4084 standards and also has US, European and Chinese certification.
  • Storepro SL beam connectors have 25% more steel than most suppliers, providing added strength.
  • Storepro’s SL beam landing footprint is 10-20% wider than most other suppliers.
  • Storepro use a deflection rating of 1:200 which is higher than any other suppliers use for calculation.
  • We have more steel in our SL posts due to less punching holes in steel.
  • Storepro use pre galvanised posts, which is far more durable and long lasting than powder coating. Coating not only shows scratches, but adds a significant “dirty” process to the manufacturing making pre galvanised much more sustainable.
  • Storepro posts are reversible, therefore if minor damage occurs instead of a total replacement it can be a quick and easy repair.