Does your business or home garage need a workbench in New Zealand? Storepro can help. We have both light and heavy-duty workbenches available that are all made with top-quality materials that meet the highest industry standards. They are strong, designed to last, and deliver the performance you need – when you need it.

We can fully customise our workbenches to your requirements. The workbenches we create are excellent for nearly any environment and application, including every type of commercial, industrial, and warehouse use.

At Storepro, we are proud to be one of NZ’s most trusted suppliers of workbenches, shelving, and pallet racking solutions. If you need a robust and durable product that will hold up in harsh conditions and heavy weights and help you make the best use of your space, get in touch with our team.

Heavy Duty & Wooden Bench Work

If you require a workbench in New Zealand that accommodates woodwork, heavy-duty work, and more, look no further than Storepro. We make sure to provide every customer with a product tailored to their needs. You can trust that when you work with us, you will get a reliable workbench that suits the work you do and, to put it simply, does the job.

Talk to us today about your requirements, and we will find the best workbench for you.

Features & Benefits of our Workbenches

  • Standard workbenches are available immediately – we hold stock
  • Can also be customised to your needs with our bespoke design
  • Strong and designed to last
  • Heavy-duty workbenches can be customised to handle loads in excess of 750kgs UDL
  • Our light-duty workbenches have a loading capacity of up 350 kgs UDL
  • Light-duty workbenches are usually supplied as kits, with frames assembled, so you just clip in the beams and place board
  • Free-standing, so they are easy to move around
  • All benches are made from high-quality powder-coated steel with MDF boards
  • Our workbenches come in a range of standard sizes:
    • Heights – 900mm or 1,000mm
    • Lengths – 1,350mm, 1,800mm, 2,400mm, or 2,743mm
    • Depths – 600mm or 900mm
  • Available for pick-up, delivery or installation depending on your requirements

Customised to You

At Storepro, we can provide you with a top-quality workbench in New Zealand. All our benches are customisable, so we can help you select the solution best suited to your needs. Our team will get a full understanding of your requirements to assist you in deciding on the best work bench design.

We offer competitive prices and fast turnaround times on orders – and you can have confidence in the quality of our components, accessories, and products. Our experienced teams can ensure your workbench is safely and securely installed.

In other words, we are the team you can trust to produce a workbench in New Zealand that will provide the storage capacity and quality that you need.

Suitable Applications

Our work benches are excellent for nearly any environment and application, including every type of commercial and industrial use, such as warehouses, factories, garages, workshops, and more. They provide an essential, centralised workspace in production and assembly lines.

We can provide a light or heavy work bench to accommodate any kind of work you do. Trust that when you choose Storepro, you will get a purpose-built product of the highest quality that is designed for the most challenging situations.

Why Choose Storepro

At Storepro, we are nationwide experts in shelving, racking, and storage solutions. The end-to-end service that we provide includes project management, design, supply, compliance facilitation, installation, maintenance, repairs, audits, and leasing or rent-to-own options. Speak to a member of the Storepro team today to find out more.

Workbench New Zealand

Get in Touch

To find out more about how Storepro can provide you with the best quality workbench in New Zealand, as well as our other services, please give us a call on 0800 RACK UP or email [email protected]