Mezzanine & RSA

Our Mezzanine Flooring or Raised Storage Areas (RSA) are an ideal solution if you need more space and are able to utilise the height of your warehouse or factory.

RSAs or Mezzanines allow you to up to double your available storage area. They can be self-supported by their own structure, or by the shelving or racking below.

Storepro’s design team will work with you to custom design a mezzanine floor best suited to your business and storage needs, including floor area, height and load capacity. Smaller raised storage systems can be created using standard pallet racking components and our long span shelf units can be added to create a stock pick area. Larger raised storage areas require design with structural steel.

Features & Benefits of Mezzanine Flooring / RSAs

  • Double your floor area storage space
  • Make full use of available stud height
  • Each storage system is self-supporting
  • Fully modular and can be expanded at any time

Customised to You

RSAs / Mezzanine floors from Storepro are designed and made to best suit your space and needs.

RSAs can be built to a height that meets your requirements, as such you can take advantage of the full height of your warehouse.

RSA Mezzanines are generally used for additional storage, to process work or for light manufacturing. Raised storage areas have separate flooring above your main racking. Floors are generally constructed from high strength decking such as Triboard or Steelwalk. Mesh flooring can be used for walking areas to allow additional light through to the lower level.

At Storepro, we can supply RSA mezzanine floor solutions across NZ. Our designs are customer focused, so we can develop the best solution for your needs. Our team will get a full understanding of your requirements as well as your handling and storage processes. They will then develop a solution that optimises the use of space in your facility.

We offer fast turnaround times on all orders, and you can have confidence in the quality of our products and components. We’ll make sure the solution we develop with you strikes the right balance between storage capacity and operational efficiency.

At Storepro, we also offer expert installation. Our experienced teams will ensure your RSA solution is safely and securely installed. We are reliable and work efficiently, with effective quality control procedures.

In other words, we are the team you can trust to design and install a mezzanine system that will provide the storage capacity, operational efficiency and quality that you need.

Suitable Applications

Raised Storage Area solutions are very versatile and flexible, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Our territory managers are highly experienced with all types of storage solutions in New Zealand so can help you choose the best solution for your space and business needs. We can also arrange a site visit to scope whether planning permission would be required and our compliance specialists will discuss the options with you.

Why Choose Storepro

At Storepro, we are experts in shelving, racking and storage solutions. We can provide an end-to-end service that includes project management, design, supply, compliance facilitation, installation, maintenance, leasing or rent-to-own options, repairs, and audits.

We have extensive experience delivering tailored solutions for clients in a range of industries. This means we are best placed to create a fully customised solution for your business. Our designers are experts at developing solutions that maximise the use of space while also delivering on storage density and operational efficiency requirements. Speak to a member of our team today to find out more.

Get in Touch

To find out more about raised storage area mezzanine flooring as well as our other services, please give us a call on 0800 RACK UP or email [email protected]