Selective Pallet Racking System in New Zealand

As the most used system in the country, a selective pallet racking system in New Zealand will offer you a range of significant benefits, including the fact that it is highly cost-effective to install, incredibly flexible, and versatile. Given that this system ensures 100 per cent of pallets are always available for picking, the loading and unloading process is fast and efficient.

Selective racking is also highly scalable as the modular design of selective pallet racking means you can adjust the height, length, and depth according to the needs of your business.

The floor utilisation is approximately 40 per cent storage area and 60 per cent operating area.

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Features & Benefits of a Selective Pallet Racking System

  • Cost-effective to install and maintain
  • Selective racking utilises standard racking components which are held in stock
  • Flexible – our team can design and install selective pallet racking for any facility 
  • Versatile – you can use selective pallet racking for any type of product, including products that have a short shelf life
  • Modular – easy to add on and adjust, the standard components allow for future expansion or adjustment – such as converting to double deep or VNA (Very Narrow Aisle Racking)
  • Access – all pallets are 100 per cent accessible all the time by a standard forklift
  • Available from 1.8 to 11 metres tall in one-piece posts without joins or splices
  • Bolt-together frames for easy replacement of components/posts/braces
  • Pre-galvanised frames and powder-coated beams for greater resistance to corrosive elements

Customised to You

When you choose us as your provider for a selective pallet racking system in New Zealand, we will design a solution that meets your requirements. We have experience designing pallet racking systems for new facilities, upgrading existing racking, and extending existing pallet racking systems that require additional capacity. 

We can install the racks back-to-back to make the best use of your floor space. Pallets are stored in the racks one-deep, ensuring you always get direct access to all pallets when you need them. 

Selective pallet racking is a modular design that you can easily adjust and add to. We provide systems that range from 1.8 metres to 11 metres in height, with one-piece posts that don’t have joins or splices. Frame depths have options from 450mm to 1200mm as standard, and increased sizes can be custom designed.

Our solutions use an industry-standard design, making it easier to add new components in the future. Frames are bolted together, making it easy to adjust or replace components. The frames we supply and install are pre-galvanised, and the beams are powder-coated, thereby resistant to corrosion.

We offer fast turnaround times on orders, and you can have confidence in the quality of our products and components. Our prices are competitive, and we work to ensure you get an option that perfectly suits your requirements. Trust that Storepro will design and install a solution that makes the best use of your space and ensures operational efficiency.

At Storepro, we also offer expert installation on all our pallet racking systems. We can work with, upgrade or remove any existing systems in accordance with your requirements. Whether you require a brand new selective pallet racking system or an upgrade to the capacity of your old system, our experienced teams will ensure your racking is safely and securely installed.

In other words, we are the team you can trust to produce a selective pallet racking system in New Zealand that will provide the storage capacity and quality that you need.

Suitable Applications

Selective pallet racking is one of our most flexible products and is suitable for almost any application! Our team can design and install selective pallet racking for any facility and almost any product.

Our territory managers are highly experienced with selective pallet racking. We can help you choose the best solution for your space and needs while ensuring you get as much flexibility as possible to enable future expansion and scalability.

Selective Pallet Racking New Zealand

Why Choose Storepro

At Storepro, we are experts in shelving, racking and storage solutions. The end-to-end service that we provide includes project management, design, supply, compliance facilitation, installation, maintenance, repairs, audits, and leasing or rent-to-own options.

We have experience and expertise in delivering bespoke solutions for clients in a range of industries. That means we are best placed to create a fully customised solution for your business. Our designers are experts at developing solutions that maximise the use of space while also delivering on storage density and operational efficiency requirements.

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