Pallet Racking Building Consent & Compliance

Complying with industry regulations and standards is essential for any company but doing so can be a real challenge.

Pallet racking installations require building consent in New Zealand, which the dedicated team here at Storepro can manage for you.

We’ll assist in taking care of your process from the preparation and application through to Code Compliance Certification, ensuring your racking complies with New Zealand building code.

Storepro compliance facilitation falls into four stages:
PS1: Structural calculations are carried out by a registered structural engineer.
PS2: Calculations are peer reviewed and evaluated.
PS3: Storepro experienced installers sign off on the installation.
PS4: A final inspection is carried out by the structural engineer.

Emergency lighting and fire reports can also be coordinated by the Storepro team for consent from your local council.

Managing and governing all your business’ content is no small matter. Government and industry regulations continue to increase in demand and complexity.

Yet failing to comply with them can lead to costly fines, lawsuits or insurance issues. This means that today’s companies face a challenging dilemma – how do you ensure that your system is compliant without spending all your time and energy doing so?

Storepro have 18 years experience and can offer expert advice to manage all aspects of your project and ensure that they are compliant with necessary standards, including safety procedures, material handling and storage management.

We’ll help keep you safe from risk, so you can focus on what really matters – raising the level of your business.

Get in touch with one of our team today to see how we can take the hassle out of compliance for you, call 0800 RACK UP or email [email protected]