Inspection Audits and Repairs

Inspection Audits and Repairs

Inspection Audits and Repairs

The health and safety of our customers and their teams are essential to us. To ensure that our customers’ racking remains structurally sound and safe to use, we offer a racking inspection service.

We’ll send a professional Storepro racking inspector with many years of hands-on industry experience to your site. Your inspector will then assess your racking and shelving for any signs of damage. After the inspection is complete, our inspector will create a comprehensive audit report of their findings and provide you with an accompanying repair quote for any damaged or faulty products identified during the inspection.

Maintenance and repairs play a vital role in the longevity, safety and cost-effectiveness of your storage solution. Our on-site shelving and racking audit service will help ensure that your business’ storage needs continue to be met safely and effectively.

Comprehensive Audit Reports

Your written audit report will be based on AS4084, SEMA and NZ Seismic Building Codes. Your report will advise you whether your issues require immediate attention, monitoring or minor maintenance.

Providing Preventative Measures

In today’s workplace, suitable preventative measures are essential to ensure that you meet Health and Safety obligations and keep your own team safe. If your racking is unsafe or faulty, we provide a comprehensive maintenance and repair service to prevent future issues from arising.

Repair and Protect

Simply because your racking or shelving is damaged doesn’t mean that you need to pay the cost of a total replacement. We can advise you on whether repairing your storage solutions might be an economical alternative. We can repair damaged posts, replace beams and install post protectors to prevent issues from reoccurring.

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