Semi-Fully Automated Pallet Racking

Automation Pallet Racking System

Automation Pallet Racking System
Selective pallet racking is a commonly used racking system in New Zealand
Semi-Fully Automated Pallet Racking

Automation Rack

Automation brings various benefits to your pallet racking system. We have extensive experience designing, installing and maintaining automated warehouse racking systems. We also offer fully customised home and warehouse racking systems. Our team will get a complete understanding of your requirements and storage process to develop a solution tailored to your needs, with automation delivering efficiency savings. We’ll also complete the installation of your system.

Racking in your facility will be installed as deep tunnels, with loading and unloading taking place at either end of the rack. For loading, the forklift truck places the pallet on a shuttle cart, which moves the pallet deep into the rack. The reverse occurs when unloading.

This will help you optimise space, improve workflow and minimise accident risks as you won’t have forklifts moving up and down aisles loading and unloading pallets.

Get in touch with us today at 0800 RACK UP (722587) to learn more about our automated warehouse shelving or racking solutions or arrange a consultation.

Home & Warehouse Racking System

We offer fully customised home and warehouse racking systems at Storepro. Our team will get a full understanding of your requirements as well as your handling and storage processes. They will then develop a solution that optimises the use of space in your facility, with the automation element of the rack delivering efficiency savings. We'll complete the full installation of your automated racking system too. Please call us today to speak to a member of our team about your requirements.

How Automated Racking Systems Work

The racking in your facility will be installed as deep tunnels, similar to drive-in pallet racking solutions. Loading and unloading take place at the front of the rack. To load, the forklift truck places the pallet on a shuttle cart. The shuttle cart then moves the pallet deep into the rack. The reverse occurs when unloading. As a result, there is no need for forklift trucks to stack every pallet in its own location, as the shuttle cart takes over this process.

Automated Racking System Advantages

  • Optimise space – standard racking solutions must have aisles that forklifts can move up and down, loading and unloading pallets. This is not required with an automated racking system, however. As a result, the racks can be installed closer together, creating a higher density storage and materials handling solution.
  • Improved workflow – the automated element of the racking system delivers efficiency savings, plus workflows and processes will improve. These benefits combined reduce both labour and material handling costs.

Suitable Applications

Automated pallet racking systems are ideally suited to bulk storage, particularly where you have a large number of pallets for each SKU and where stock rotation is of minimal importance. Automated pallet racking systems are also common in cool stores and refrigerated warehouses.
  • Minimises accident risks – as forklifts are not moving up and down aisles loading and unloading pallets, the risk of accidents occurring is reduced when you use an automated pallet racking system.
  • LIFO or FIFO suitability – automated pallet racking systems are suitable for both Last In First Out product arrangements and First In First Out arrangements.

Automated Pallet Racking Systems Fully Customised to Your Needs

Minimise the risk of damage – the operation of forklift trucks up and down aisles, and the process of loading and unloading pallets, creates a risk of damage. This includes damage to the racking and to products. Automated racking systems minimise the use of forklift trucks, reducing the risk of damage. We’ve got the expertise to design, install, or upgrade an automated pallet racking system fully tailored for your business or organisation. Please call us today on 0800 RACK UP 722587 for more information and to arrange a consultation.


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