Push Back Pallet Racking

Push back pallet racking is an excellent solution if you need to make maximum use of potential pallet spaces in your facility. The high-density storage is best suited to products that do not need to be rotated and does not compromise pallet access or ease of selection.

You can use a standard forklift, as push back racking does not require specialist equipment. As forklifts do not need to enter push back racks, using this solution minimises potential damage to your stock. Pick times are also lower compared to other racking systems.

Push back works using a gravity-based feed, meaning that a forklift pushes back any pallets already in the slot to make room for a new one. The other pallets in the rack move forward automatically whenever a pallet is unloaded from the rack, making the next pallet available for picking when required.

Push back pallet racking is ideal for Last In First Out (LIFO) solutions where you have no perishable stock. Floor utilisation with push back racking is approximately 65-70 per cent. Please see our Carton Live page if you require a First In First Out system.

All our warehouse shelving systems at Storepro are made up of durable, corrosion-resistant components designed to tolerate industrial use. Depending on the needs of your business, we offer both purchasing and leasing options. Our team can advise you on the best options for your racking requirements and tailor our solution to suit your needs.

Features & Benefits of a Push Back Rack System

  • Greater use of available pallet positions than most storage systems
  • Single aisle for more storage areas
  • Reduced pick times
  • The pick face automatically replenishes
  • Works on gravity feed
  • Easy-rolling carts
  • Minimal stock damage
  • Strong and durable
  • Ability to store a variety of pallet sizes
  • Racks can be installed against walls
  • Pallets move safely and easily on the rollers

Customised to You

At Storepro, we can handle all your requirements for a push back pallet racking system. We supply and install all components, plus we offer bespoke design services. All our services are fully customised so that we will develop a solution best suited to your needs. 

We can help if you need a completely new push back racking system or if you need to upgrade or increase the capacity in your existing system. The components we use are modular and have an industry-standard design, making it easy to scale, add to, or adjust the racking system in the future. Our push back racking solutions also meet all international and New Zealand safety standards.

Additionally, we offer both purchasing and leasing options, depending on the needs of your business. Applying our extensive experience designing and installing push back pallet racking solutions, we are your go-to team for any questions you may have. We can give you advice on the best option for your requirements and then design and install a solution that makes the best use of your space while also ensuring optimal operational efficiency in your facility.

In other words, we are the team you can trust to design and install a push back racking system that improves your storage capacity, enhances the efficiency of your operations, and delivers on the quality that you need. If you have old push back racking that needs to be removed or incorporated into the new system, we can complete this work for you too.

Suitable Applications

Our push back pallet rack system uses high-quality components to ensure long-lasting results and maximum levels of performance. Each component is durable, corrosion-resistant, and designed for use in warehouses, factories, industrial complexes, etc. Push back racking is ideal for applications suited to a Last In First Out (LIFO) racking solution. In other words, applications where there is no perishable stock and where stock rotation is not required.

Our territory managers are highly experienced with push back racking storage solutions and can help you create the best design for your space and storage needs.

Push Back Pallet Racking

Why Choose Storepro

At Storepro, we are experts in shelving, racking, and storage solutions. We can provide an end-to-end service that includes project management, compliance facilitation, design, supply, installation, maintenance, repairs, audits, and rent-to-own or leasing options.

We have extensive experience delivering tailored solutions for clients in a range of industries, and you can trust that we will create one that is perfectly suited to your needs. This means we are best placed to create a fully customised push back racking solution for your business. Our designers are experts at developing solutions that maximise the use of space while also delivering on storage density and operational efficiency requirements. Speak to a member of the Storepro team today to find out more.

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