Cantilever Racking Solutions in New Zealand

Storepro is the leading provider of cantilever racking solutions in New Zealand. Perfect for storage and retrieval of long, heavy items such as bars, steel tubes, and more, cantilever racking is a fantastically versatile racking system. We have an extensive selection of customisable options available, including lightweight and heavy-duty racking, to help you ensure you get a solution that suits your requirements.

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Lightweight, Heavy Duty & Double Sided Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racking is customisable and ideal for storing items of long or varying lengths. Our cantilever rack arms are fully adjustable, allowing you to maximise the use of space in your facility while ensuring they will hold the items you need them to.

Working with Storepro, you will have a variety of options available, including lightweight and heavy-duty cantilever racking solutions. We can supply and install racks for nearly any size and weight capacity and customise them for interior or exterior use. Our cantilever racking systems are available in single- and double-sided configurations.

If you need to store long or unusually shaped loads, a cantilever racking system is your best solution. Our team will create a bespoke design that helps you deliver on your storage density and operational efficiency requirements.

Features and Benefits of Cantilever Racking

  • Fully adjustable arms that allow maximum use of space
  • Available in single-sided and double-sided configurations
  • A wide range of sizes and capacities
  • Heavy-duty steel will support extremely heavy loads
  • Maximises high-density storage and accessibility
  • Caters for long or irregular shapes
  • Minimises damage to products
Cantilever Racking Solutions New Zealand

Customised to You

Choose Storepro as your provider for cantilever racking solutions in New Zealand to get the best team to design a system that meets all your requirements. We offer a diverse range of cantilever racking options to reflect our broad customer base.

Read MoreWhether your existing racking requires an upgrade or expansion, or you want a brand new, bespoke racking system in your facility, Storepro is the company you should turn to. We have extensive experience designing solutions that perfectly meet the needs of our customers and helping make their storage systems more seamless and efficient than ever.

Your options include:

  • Heavy-duty cantilever racks
  • Cantilever racks suitable for lighter loads
  • Single-sided cantilever racks
  • Double-sided cantilever racks

We also have different material options for either interior or exterior use. If your cantilever racking will be installed outside, we recommend our hot-dipped galvanised (HDG) steel options. For interior applications, our powder-coated range, like our Storepro yellow & black, is great for indoor use.

Read MoreOur solutions make the most of industry-standard, modular designs that help our customers adjust, expand, and add new components in the future. We have an extensive selection of pallet racking parts that includes cantilever components, and our team will gladly assist you with any modifications your cantilever system may require as your business grows and changes.

To help ensure all our customers can benefit from our cantilever racking solutions in New Zealand as soon as possible, we offer fast turnarounds on all orders. You can have confidence in the quality of our products – and we make sure to maintain competitive prices.

Storepro is the team you can trust to produce a cantilever racking system that provides the storage capacity and enhanced operational efficiency that you need in your facility.

Suitable Applications

Cantilever racking solutions in New Zealand are designed to store long items or items that are in an unusual shape. That can include everything from long-run steel to timber to pipes. 

Items sit on the cantilever rack shelf, stretching across as many cantilever bars as the length of the item requires. Cantilever racking also maximises the use of space in your facility, allowing you to store more products. It also ensures the products are available for quick and easy picking and storing, all the while minimising the risk of product damage.

Why Choose Storepro

At Storepro, we are the racking and storage solutions experts you need. The end-to-end service that we provide includes project management, design, supply, compliance facilitation, installation, maintenance, repairs, audits, and leasing or rent-to-own options.

That means we can design and install a fully customised solution for your requirements that includes cantilever racking for whatever long or irregularly shaped items you need to store, plus pallet racking for your pallets. Our expert racking designers will develop a solution that maximises the use of your space while also delivering on your unique storage density and operational efficiency requirements.

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