Very Narrow Aisle Racking (VNA)

Very Narrow Aisle Racking System

Very Narrow Aisle Racking System
Very Narrow Aisle Racking
narrow aisle acking system

Our Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking system is an ideal space-saving solution. As pallet racking components are installed closer together than in other types of shelving systems in NZ, installing more racking and more pallet capacity is possible.

You will need special forklift trucks or Man Up Pickers to load and unload pallets. They’re guided by either floor mounted rails or through electronic wire technology.

As the design of our VNA systems is normally single deep (though it can be double deep) , all pallets are immediately accessible. The solution is very versatile and flexible, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Adjustable and Scalable High-Density Storage Solution

The components we'll use to install your very narrow aisle racking system will be high-quality to ensure they are strong and durable. They use an industry-standard design as well, making all the elements fully adjustable and scalable. Narrow aisle racking is also flexible and can be built to a height that meets your requirements. So, you can take advantage of the full height of your warehouse.

Making Maximum Use of Your Available Space

The increase in racking density that can be achieved with a very narrow aisle racking system is significant. Aisles that forklifts operate in can be reduced by up to 1.5 metres. This results in an increase of available space by as much as 40 percent. The specialist forklift trucks, sometimes referred to as VNA trucks, have rotating forks, enabling them to effectively pick pallets from any location within the rack.

Benefits of Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

  • Maximises the use of available space for pallet storage
  • The narrow aisle provides direct access to all pallets at all times
  • Can be quickly and efficiently installed
  • Ability to disassemble and reinstall at a new location or to change the configuration or layout of the warehouse
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Suitable for any type or weight of goods/products

Guidance Systems

Guidance systems are an important component in most narrow aisle pallet racking systems. There are two main types:
  • Mechanical – rails installed in each aisle guide the forklift trucks, ensuring they always stay on track. The forklift trucks need to be fitted with rollers, while the guide rails can be installed at various heights to suit your requirements for the first racking level.
  • Wire – inductive or wire guidance uses cables or wires installed under the floor of the aisles. Sensors on the forklift trucks connect to these wires, ensuring they follow the right path up and down the aisles. This system is highly effective, it helps automate the movements of forklift trucks, and it eliminates lateral deviations.

Get in Touch

In other words, the system is future proof, as you can alter it to suit the needs of your business whenever you need to. At Storepro, we can design, install, upgrade, or relocate a customised very narrow aisle racking system for your business. To speak to a member of our team about your requirements, please call us today on 0800 RACK UP 722587.


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