Sustainability at Storepro – Our promise to the planet

Posted on August 10, 2023

Storepro have always been focused on sustainability and our impact on the environment, especially so through our sister companies Go Green and Surplus Racking.

We’re proud to offer sustainable options for storage such as second hand racking. We also regularly work with customers who are moving to reuse and repurpose as much of their existing racking as possible.

We have recently formalised Storepro’s sustainability plan and promise on paper.
These are much more than words however – they are the measurable actions we are taking as a business.
To further support this we have created a sustainability team internally to champion our goals.

Storepro sustainability

Just one of the changes we’re making is a move to eclectic and hybrid vehicles for our sales team. Some of our new EVs have arrived so keep a look out for them around Auckland – you can’t miss our iconic Storepro branding!

We are also thrilled to now offer EV charging stations in our car park at the Auckland site for staff & visitors.

EVs at Storepro

We are committed to doing our bit as a business for the future – thinking big, but making continuous small changes to improve our impact.

Want to know more about second hand or how we can help you find a more environmentally friendly solution? Talk to one of our storage experts today on
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