Storepro Awards Night

Posted on October 14, 2020
Team Player of the Year Award

Team Player of the Year Award Team-Player-Award-Winner_Te-3 Team-Player-Award-Winner-Te

Winner -Teanau Henry

Team Player Award Nominations Anna Wentzel

Runner’s Up -Wentzel Bresler and Anna Half

Storepro Commitment Award

Commitment-award-Krez-2 Commitment-award-Marc-Ron-Ian

Krez Yates, Marc Padman, Ron Payne, Ian Baker

Not pictured: Penny Wordsworth

Get It Right Award for Integrity

Get it Right Award Winner Angela

Winner – Angela Walker

Get it Right Award Nominations Glen Alex Jeremiah

Runners Up – Glen Pita, Alex Millare, and Jeremiah Crawford

The Ron Payne Award for Excellence


Winner – Camila Centeno

Excellence Award Nominations MarcP Folau

Runner’s Up – Marc Padman and Folau Liufau

Nice Guy or Gal Award for Demonstrating Respect

Nice Guy Nice Gal Award Maria

Winner – Maria Hutcheson


Runners Up – Teanau Henry, Ethan and Laurie Wilson

Installer of the Year

Installer-of-the-year-Alex-2 Installer of the year Alex

Winner – Alex Millare

Houdini Award for Making Problems Disappear


Winner – Wentzel Bresler

Fix It Award


Ron Payne

Region of the Year

Region-of-the-Year-Tim Region-of-the-Year-Tim-2

Winner – Christchurch, Tim Dick

Team Challenge Award


Winners – Aaron’s Angels: Glen Pita, Camila Centeno, Tyrone, Wentzel Bresler, Marc Kitching