Stacking Up – Business Insights from Aaron Young: Decisions, Decisions…

Posted on August 26, 2020

Decisions… decisions…

We all have some to make right now with local body elections. Yet only around 65% of eligible voters actually vote. Is this because we don’t know who to vote for? Or the fact that the voting process is very old fashioned, posting an envelope back rather than a more current and immediate online facility? Or is it that we just don’t know anything about the candidates? Ultimately it effects all of us and to get to the right decision perhaps we should all play our part.

This is also true for business – a poor decision on key suppliers can result in a potentially disastrous outcome. Choosing a supplier involves much more than scanning a price list – it could depend on value for money, quality, reliability, timing, and service. It’s likely that a combination of all of these things are what will create a relationship, and hopefully a partnership, that benefits both parties. To get the best out of the relationship it is wise to spend some time on research to find one that aligns with your values and business.

The same could be said for the elections – those who do vote will likely have some empathy and feel a tie between voter and candidate, realizing the benefits that one provides the other. Perhaps we should all spend a bit more time looking at the candidates and decide which board members, councillors and mayor most closely fits with our needs and those of our businesses, not just for tomorrow but as a strategic fit for the future.

Storepro sees the same short term approach versus a strategic view in the world of logistics and warehousing – where the wrong decision around suppliers could ultimately lead to higher costs, increased maintenance, time delays, or lack of back up service – all affecting the bottom line. Consequences that could have been avoided had that decision been made much more wisely with some research.

While you wont see us on your ballot list, I genuinely believe that Storepro are candidates for growth, can control your costs, pass on extensive experience to your business and will be your long term partners. But even if your own plans for growth or change are not complete, you may be surprised just how much you can achieve in your business with early engagement and understanding of the supplier – it will likely result in the right decision for the long term.