Stacking Up – Business Insights from Aaron Young

Posted on August 25, 2020

In 2004 when Storepro Solutions was established, 6 metre high warehousing was considered high stud and the All Blacks weren’t the world champions.

A lot has changed – and we have all matured, but even though we are still doing the same things, the All Blacks are now world champions and Storepro fit out warehouses up to 17 metres high!

Over this period New Zealand began to import more and manufacture less, which has led to a greater need for warehousing and distribution. This has required a lot of new commercial building and, with rising land prices, greater efficiency and storage within a given footprint is now more important than ever. Advancements in machinery and technology has assisted this – we are able to fit much more into the same space.

Like most New Zealand businesses, Storepro began with the idea that a founder with considerable experience in the industry could achieve more, so a business was formed. While over 80% of start-ups fail or turn into hobbies, Storepro has excelled, with 35 staff in Auckland, branches in Christchurch and the Waikato, and expansion limited only by the assurance that every member of the team know and understand the Storepro way. The knowledge and culture must be strong or we will grow too quickly and not keep up internally.

In 2004, when racking and shelving was still manufactured in NZ, Storepro began importing from Asia and Australia as well. Now 90% is imported and the product, out of China for example, is a far cry from even 12 years ago. When I was younger people used to call Japanese cars ‘Jap crap’ – how far that is from the truth now! The Japanese produce arguably the most reliable cars in the world. So too for China – when Storepro began there were many skeptics over the quality of product, speed, and service levels. These have all vastly improved. Take a look at the computer or device you are reading this on, the chair you are sitting on, the phone you use…there’s a high chance these are made in China! High spec racking and shelving is no different, even automated racking shuttles are now all made in China.

Over a decade on, Storepro has become a genuine market leader, supplying and fitting out some of NZ’s largest companies, including: Fisher and Paykel Healthcare; Air New Zealand; Mercedes Benz; Chrysler Jeep; one of NZ’s largest DIY chains; as well as numerous logistics providers. Storepro is now the go-to for many organisations because we provide the right product, at the agreed cost, and on time. We have solved customers’ problems and deliver the complete ‘Storepro’ solution. Providing genuine solutions for customers gives us immense satisfaction and ensures they keep coming back 12 years on