Our challenge for 2022

Posted on February 21, 2022

A message from Aaron, Storepro Founder & Managing Director;


2022 kicked off with a “real” summer feel – great weather and a relaxed start to year for us at Storepro.

We remain fully operational with the change to the red traffic light setting and have appropriate health and safety measures in place.

We finished the rollercoaster that was 2021 very positively, with a lot of business on the books and scheduled for 2022.

Over the last couple of years, something we will have all seen is that great Kiwi resilience and never give up mindset, from so many New Zealand businesses, that has kept us so busy.

Our own team has not only grown in size, but gained experience, new skills and has had to adapt to lockdowns and additional safety measures. We couldn’t do what we do without our great team.

We are approaching 2022 much as we did a year ago, with positivity but caution, while the pandemic still looms over the world.
Land, building, and labour costs are all higher than ever before, which means a real need to assess efficiency and productivity.

At Storepro we are continually looking at ways we can help you raise the level of your business and how to offer our customers strong ROI. What Storepro do shouldn’t be considered a cost or expense but a long term investment into increasing the productivity of your business.

That’s our challenge for 2022 – by making your business better we make our own business better.