Toll Logistics – Christchurch

Posted on April 29, 2021

Storepro recently completed a large project for Toll Logistics in Christchurch, with our team down there for just under 3 weeks. Although Toll have used Storepro for past projects, the PM for the Toll Christchurch team hadn’t collaborated with us in many years. He asked around for racking companies and was recommended to use Storepro.

When discussing the project with us, the PM wanted to “get the best solution and product that was fit for purpose, to maximise the height of the warehouse whilst at the same time reduce the footprint used.” This was something we knew we could successfully deliver. Our General Manager, Arie, and our team got to work on a solution which was presented to Toll.

“Arie treated me as a person and as a valued customer not just someone who was clicking Storepro’s ticket.  From my first meeting with Arie, who asked the right questions and took the time to listen, through to completion of the project I would have to say was seamless.  I would happily recommend Storepro to anyone who was considering purchasing racking and would have no problem showing anyone wanting to see first-hand the finished product.”

Toll were left really happy with the finished product and the service we provided, despite the PM’s initial hesitance to use Storepro – “To be honest my initial reaction to having to use Storepro weren’t favourable.  This mainly came about due to a past experience working with Storepro some 5 years ago, however since meeting with Arie and working directly with him my view of Storepro has changed. Was I happy with Storepro and Arie’s understanding and realisation of what I was looking for? Absolutely.”