Storepro cares about maintaining quality & safety

Posted on May 4, 2022

At Storepro, we know the right storage solution can make a huge difference for our clients.

That is why we combine a range of safe and compliant products with a complete spectrum of services: from initial consultation through to design, installation, and end to end project management.

Our client focus has seen us grow to become New Zealand’s most trusted storage solutions company. We have offices throughout the country and more than 200 years of combined industry experience across our team.

carton live

Gravity Flow & Carton Live Racking

Gravity flow & carton live racking is an innovative racking solution where the racking level is installed on an incline. You feed cartons into the rack at one end, and you remove them from the other.

As you unload a carton, gravity moves the rest of the cartons in the rack down a space. As a result, gravity flow and carton live racking enable the automatic rotation of stock, making this an ideal solution if you need absolute rotation or your products have a shelf life.

why work

Why work with us?

We can help if you need a completely new racking system, or if you need to upgrade or increase the capacity in your existing system. The components we use are modular and have an industry-standard design, making it easy to scale, or adjust the racking system in the future. Our storage solutions meet all New Zealand safety standards.

Project Management

Our territory managers are your partners. They’ll work with you beginning to end to ensure you get the best possible customer service and highest quality of work throughout your project. We know what to do, to develop the right solutions for your storage, shelving and racking needs.

We’ll ensure that there’s seamless integration across all aspects of the project and that it conforms to timeline and budget requirements.

Questions? Let’s have a chat – we are here to help you! Call 0800 RACK UP (722587)