Stacking Up – Business Insights from Aaron Young

Posted on August 25, 2020

Another month has passed… another Olympic Games; the Unitary plan has been all but confirmed by Auckland Council; Storepro has started fitting out arguably the largest racking installation for New Zealand this year.

Whilst the Unitary Plan may affect some of us and our houses, it also affects the commercial sector with a lot more property becoming zoned for mixed use or restricting certain types of business operations in some areas. We have already seen a shift of large scale industrial business moving to the likes of Auckland Airport, Wiri, East Tamaki and Albany, with less of this type of activity continuing in the suburbs nearer to the city.

Transport, logistics and time are all becoming an even more important part of the equation to ensure optimum efficiency in the warehouse and supply chain is achieved. Storepro has the enviable reputation and years of experience helping with this – the right design, clear understanding of your requirements; complete solutions delivered on time and on budget are capable of delivering efficiencies that flow through to more profits for your business.

With the same desire to reach their ultimate goal, our New Zealand Olympians achieved many successes in Rio, and across the whole team… something we firmly believe in at Storepro. Having met a few of the athletes personally, I am still amazed by their absolute single minded determination. That is what it takes to be the best, coupled with a genuine belief. Back in 2004 when Storepro was established – in the home office like so many other Kiwi businesses – I had that same belief and determination. To succeed and be the best in your game you need to leave no stone unturned and commit to winning.

2016 is also providing Storepro with many successes. We are moving into a new 50,000 sq foot facility and have three branches nationwide, with a fourth planned for next year, plus firm growth plans for expansion in Australia over the next 12 months. These developments have been requested by our very own customers, for which I am very grateful – without our customers we don’t have a business, together we can achieve great things.