Running the Auckland Marathon for the Cancer Society

Posted on October 14, 2020

Christy Knappe Projects Manager at storepro

Our inspirational Projects Manager, Christy Knappe, is running the Auckland Marathon on behalf of the Cancer Society, and is aiming to raise $1,500 for the cause.

Christy turned to running after being first diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago.

“Running gave me something back that no one else could – it was about self-esteem, feeling free and pushing my body to its limits while fighting the nasty side effects of chemo and radiation,” she says.

Christy is now in remission and is helping her partner carry on the dream of his late wife Tammy – the first organic hair salon in New Zealand, which she opened in 2013.

“The salon is a haven for everyone who is or has gone through medical treatments (especially cancer), a place where people understand about hair-loss and regrowth and where chemicals have no space.

“Tammy lost her battle with cancer in 2015 and ever since then the salon has a strong relationship with the Cancer Society,” says Christy.

Help Christy make a difference. Donate here: Everyday Hero