Planning ahead & thinking outside the square

Posted on October 18, 2021

A note from Aaron…

Well, we are making progress in the right direction it appears… although level 3 continues, Storepro are putting plans in place to hit the ground at 100%, when we have clarity on the timing of the road map ahead.

Deadlines and detailed plans help us to develop business activity and manage our customers’ expectations. Storepro, like so many other Kiwi owned businesses out there, feel the frustration and the pinch, but most of all we can’t wait to get back to business as usual. I look forward to face-to-face meetings with our team and customers. Whilst I am sure we all agree, video calls do work, you can’t beat meeting in person.

Whilst level 3 has enabled us to be operating at around 80%, it seems vaccination will be the most effective way to enable our business, and so many of our customers, to get back to optimal performance.

The Storepro leadership team have been working on our scenario planning – from best to worst case. Part of our plan is that we will have our team 100% vaccinated within the next 30 days. That will enable us (as it should others) to get business and life back to what we are used to in NZ.

We are also looking ahead at what manufacturing in NZ looks like given significant supply chain issues; holding larger stock levels in Auckland, and more R&D around automated products, given the increasing need for direct or online delivery as opposed to traditional trading methods.

Storepro will continue to be forward thinking and plan ahead – we’re proud to have been raising the level of your business since 2004.

Our Services – Leasing

A great option for businesses such as third-party logistics, short term building options, fixed contracts, or companies that change their layout and design seasonally to bring in new product ranges that require different storage solutions.

We also work alongside start-up businesses, assisting them with a fresh and innovative style unique for them.

Corporates who want to free up cash flow and simply make racking an operating expense as opposed to capital expenditure to focus on other projects may find this offering unbeatable.

If you want to talk leasing, or lease to own call us today on 0800 RACK UP.

Lease chat

Why work with us?

We often have clients tell us that they have saved thousands by using our storage solutions, that we have increased their productivity, efficiency, and capacity.

Our team thrive on building and maintaining exceptional, long-lasting relationships. It only takes a quick glance at our testimonials to see how highly rated our customer service is.

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Our Products – Pallet Racking

Are you looking for pallet racking & shelves for your storage facility? We supply and install a wide range of systems, and are sure we will have a solution that meets your requirements.

We offer pallet rack design and installation services for standard commercial pallet racking.

There are a variety of pallet racking solutions to choose from: selective pallet racking, drive-in racking, double deep racking, gravity flow and carton live racking.

Pallet racking